Simple application – Activate your metabolism and lose weight healthily

Thanks to the metabolism bars by Isano weight loss and healthy nutrition has finally entered the digital age. The simple application makes losing weight healthily easy as pie. Activating the metabolism and healthy weight loss! Forget all diet shakes that you have to prepare with water, milk, or other fluids. You neither have to clean-up nor to plan the preparation of diet meals for hours. And the best? There is no catch but only advantages. Do something good for your body with the nutrient-rich and 100% natural metabolism bars by Isano!

And this is how it works:

1. Drink at least 2.5 l water daily (preferably not sparkling)

2. Eat a portion of Isano 10x daily. This means, eating one bar of Isano approx. every 80-90 minutes.

3. The metabolism is activated, and you will lose weight in a healthy way!

Why it works

The metabolism bars by Isano follow a completely new concept. The following points will demonstrate why you lose weight healthily with Isano and have even more and long-lasting energy!

1. No unnecessary, empty calories

With today’s nutrition we consume heaps of empty calories that have no use whatsoever for our bodies and simply produce stress for our organs. The liver is needlessly strained and overstrained, and annoying fat deposits are made. The metabolism bars by Isano are composed without any empty calories. Each single calorie and each single ingredient is essential to the body and will be utilized.

2. 100% natural ingredients

Isano contains only high-quality and purely natural ingredients. Preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc. are simply left out. Your body will not be burdened with some kind of chemicals, like in the case of other diet products (sweeteners, artificial minerals, artificial colors, preservatives). Your liver is unburdened, and your body can concentrate on the essentials during this time: Healthy weight loss and detox!

3. Your metabolism is activated and the pounds melt away

There is no fire without fuel. Imagine a beautiful campfire. If the wood is too wet, the fire will not burn correctly and smokes a lot; if the wood is too dry, the fire burns too quickly and expires quickly again. If you add materials to the fire that do not belong, such as plastic, it may lead to toxic effects. It works the same way with our metabolism. Too little food or malnourishment with too few nutrients kills the metabolism. Our bodies need the right fuel material, and Isano offers the solution! Isano contains all essential nutrients in their natural form, so they can be absorbed by the body in the best way possible. The fire of metabolism burns continuously and fat burning is activated at full blast. Take a look at the nutrients in other diet products one time; no wonder that the metabolism is completely gutted afterwards, and in the end most people fight the dreaded yoyo-effect.

4. No loss of muscle

Isano optimally regulates blood glucose levels in your body. As such, little insulin is produced causing the fat burning to work much better. As Isano contains all essential nutrients and the metabolism bars cover the daily protein requirements as well, the body will not revert to its own proteins in the form of muscle mass, but rather procures energy from the fat depots.

5. Better sleep and more energy

Our body is constantly fed with toxic substances which are included in our processed foods. While we sleep, our body’s detoxification process runs at full speed. This is a lot of work, and often we wake up exhausted in the morning, even though we have slept enough. Isano offers your body finally the earned rest it deserves. The liver can regenerate and our metabolism is activated. After only a few days, you will feel that you are rested faster and can begin the day energetically. Your body is well nourished on all levels and can finally concentrate on the essential things.

6. The regeneration of the liver

The liver is our most important organ for nutrient supply. Your liver works every day and night and should ideally receive regeneration once every quarter. This is finally easily accomplished with Isano metabolism bars. Within 2 weeks the biggest part of liver cells renew after liver regeneration. Our well-being increases, and the metabolism can work better. The body detoxes during this time, and superfluous acids are eliminated at last.

You should eat at least 8-10 portions of Isano per day, so you don’t experience a shortage of energy (ATP). Otherwise, your metabolism will adapt to an emergency program and slow down automatically. In order to support your metabolism, you should drink 2.5-3.5 liters of water daily.

Daily 10 portions supply your body with all essential nutrients 100%! You don’t experience any hunger or loss of energy, and all this with only 1,000 kcal per day. It is impossible to gain weight. In this case, the only solution for the body is to tackle the fat depots. Analysis of more than 3,000 test persons confirms this fact in a convincing way. Activate your metabolism now and lose weight the healthy way!

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